An overview of our services

Our services encompass CNC turning and milling, as well as complete machining using CNC turning and milling centres. We manufacture high-quality individual components as well as small and medium series. We also assemble small component groups which can be used by our customers without any further modifications. In our conventional processing work, we also make spare and individual components for workshops and private individuals. Finally, we guarantee that our components feature a high-quality surface finish and are free from any burrs.

Comprehensive component support

We offer our customers comprehensive component services. These begin with a consultation regarding ready-to-manufacture design and material selection, extend through to the provision of semi-finished products, include the in-house machining process, and conclude with our collaboration with our partners for surface finishes and heat treatments.

Outstanding, certified quality

Our consistently high quality standard – from material purchasing through to the delivery of the finished components – is guaranteed by our ISO 9001:2015 certification (an internationally valid quality management standard), in accordance with which we use state-of-the-art measuring technology to monitor and document the production of turned and milled parts.

A well as our top quality standards, our customers particularly value our reliability and flexibility when it comes to last-minute changes. Our customers regularly confirm this with awards such as “A-Grade Supplier” or “Supplier of the Year”.

Our services in detail: