Our comprehensive component services

Thanks to our broad-ranging customer service, optimised production processes and collaborations based on partnership, we save our customers both time and money.

“Ellinger helps you plan.”

Our experts already support customers during the development stage in creating ready-to-manufacture designs and selecting the right materials. Thanks to our ability to quickly produce sample parts, results from the manufacturing phase can be directly incorporated into the construction phase.

↳ The advantages for our customers:
The future costs of a component are fundamentally influenced during the development process. With our expertise, we can help customers to design components in such a way that no unexpected additional costs arise during the course of production.

“Ellinger reduces inventory levels.”

Whether through framework and call-off contracts, kanban systems or consignment warehouses, Ellinger guarantees the 100% availability of all components whilst reducing inventory levels.

↳ The advantages for our customers:
You can rely on us to punctually deliver within the assembly deadline. You also benefit from lower capital commitment thanks to our own consignment warehouses, increased liquidity thanks to higher stock turnover, and lower personnel costs for your own warehousing activities.

“Ellinger is flexible.”

In order to keep production as flexible as possible, we optimise production processes, regularly invest in our modern machine park and only hire qualified specialists.

↳ The advantages for our customers:
We are able to react quickly to unforeseen product adaptations, and can thus ensure quick delivery times even in the event of last-minute design changes.

“Ellinger pre-assembles.”

At Ellinger, we produce completed component groups and families of parts, which we deliver in installation-ready condition.

↳ The advantages for our customers:
Component groups are delivered pre-assembled so that customers don’t need to individually order small components. This also means fewer administration costs, deliveries and invoices.